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May 4, 2024

Cogitatio Re-Program

Microscopic Robots are in our Air, Food, and everything else.  Being that I do not trust the people who released them to look out for the planets best interest, we must make them work for us instead of working against us.  With this in mind, here is one way to reprogram them to help heal the body.  Cogitatio is Latin for thinking, now these bots are getting smaller and smaller.  We started with Nanobots, and the last one I found was Attobots with time they will get even smaller.

Retrospectively, Cogitatio Parasitus is the first mutation Natural Healing has been from this technology Nanobots as early as 1993 with the first to find was Cogitatio Parasitus.

The Nanites have combined Myelin Encephalitis and the 150+ strains, Cogitatio Bacteria, Cogitatio Virus, Mind Control, and many more. 

We have seen a great increase recently in symptoms arising from Nano dust, believed to be derived from Nanite technology.  Current symptomology includes but not limited to: Sinus, Lung, respiratory, coughing (nonproductive) also digestive typically transverse and descending colon, loss of appetite with constipation or diarrhea. Symptoms may also include redness around the eye soft tissue and symptoms of allergies. We are also seeing the body functions being set to 10-15% of function so that it does not show as malfunctioning.

Test:             Cogitatio Re-Program (on the Chest)

Correction:        Optimize

Date Developed:                                                       11/10/2015

Developed By:

Randall Frank, N.M.D., C.T.N., D.M., D.D.

April 4, 2024

We noticed that the Vials were still using part of the old OS of NHS in the programs, so now they are all updated to run on the EQHT OS. This will allow the full function of the techniques to run and improve the health of the patients.

October 22. 2023

We have been busy the last year with so many updates here is a list of new toys from this year.

Vial List from 2024