Bio of the Frank Master Healers

Dedicated to dad

Special thanks to Andrea & research team for keeping it true & accurate at the time (or at least my Truth).

History of Dr. Victor L. Frank

1931                      Dr. Victor Lean Frank II, was born January 4th, 1931 to Mr. –Mrs. Victor L. Frank

1947                      At 16, he owned a gas station and mechanic shop.

                              Dad was a Street Gang leader that ran East Los Angeles


                        Shortly after dad joined the service, most of the gang was either died or in prison. Therefore, he got out just in time.

                              In the service, his team was an anti-sniper team that only went out on patrol with western six shooters and western holsters. They would quick draw on snipers from trees and such. Dad’s marksmanship was renowned.

                              There is time that he had to mark a bunker for bombing run, the target was a mile away, and he put the phosphorus marker right through the slit and took out the target.

                              He also started a poker game that tide up all of the ammunition for the front line; it took a general dropping ten thousand in the pot, which stopped the game

1954                      When he got back from his service, he went to medical school.

1955                      During school he found out he started losing weight around five pounds a day would pass out in lab, they said he was anemic and had to eat raw liver and drink one quart of fresh blood a day. It helped but did not solve the problem of weight loose.  The school said, go home and die there is nothing else to do.

                              Dad’s grandmother told him he is going to her chiropractor he said I am not going to that quack. She said that is fine, but your ear is, so if you still want attached to your head then come along. He did and chiropractor cured him.

                              Dad changed schools to Hollywood Chiropractic College.  Dad became good friends with the doctor that saved his life and studied under him after he got out.

                              At this time dad started getting into Energy Work and becoming a Baptist Minister as he studied, he had questions they would not answer so studied more and more to find some answers. Dad found a master and would study under him for a while; he learned to use his energy to heal and remote view at will.

                              Throughout Chiropractic School, he would go to the horse races, betting on the long shots, and use his energy to kick the horse in the butt to win.

1957                      Graduated from Hollywood Chiropractic College He was a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the California Chiropractic Association.  He was past master of Sigma Chi Omega, a professional fraternity.              

                              Dad was an actor, singer, and dancer in Hollywood he dated many of the big stars, and hung out with some of the big names like the Rat pack, Heddy Limar, etc.

1956 -1966            After graduation from Chiropractic College, he spent 10 years practicing as a chiropractic nutritional specialist in Glendale and Pasadena, California.  He has completed post-graduate study in Therapeutic Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Adaptive Orthopedics, Diversified Techniques, X-Ray Interpretation, Applied Kinesiology, Riddler Therapy, Van Rump Technique, Activator Methods, Acupuncture with C. E. Wong from Singapore, and SOT, and Practice Building and Management.

                              As he got stronger energy, he learned that what he was doing was evil so he went looking for new teachers, he was having trouble controlling the energy and needed help.  Dad would test the new teacher by putting energy in his hand when he would shake hands and see if they drop to their knees. Then tell them they have nothing to teach him. One master dropped dad to his knees, and dad said yes sir when can I start. From there dad worked his way up to become one of the top energy warriors in service of the word (if you do not what this then read Terry Brooks Running with Demons. It is one of the most detailed information on warrior class).

                              When you pray for help to chase off bad spirits, ether your savor will come or he will send someone to help. If they were really strong it was dad’s job to fight them. They only called dad for the strongest ones and sometimes had to travel deep into hell to fight them.

1964                      I remember one time I was about 3-4 years old and dad was called to fight so us kids where to go to bed and stay out of (like that would happen, we went bed alright, but stay out of the fun, no way). Dad was chasing this demon right into an ambush and he did not see it so I did what every kid does, I jumped out in the center of the street at one end and yelled nay nay. That lured the demons out of hiding so dad could get them, but I was to slow to avoid dad hitting me, that got dad really mad at me for being there and at hitting me. He took them all out in a blink of eye and then rushed me up to the psychic hospital to get fixed. Boy was I in trouble for while not only spiritual but consciously. Over the years I became faster and more stealth, I did not want to be hit again, and not get in trouble when I got up in the morning.

1969                      Dr. Frank joined the Thie Chiropractic Office in Pasadena, California. During his four years there, he collaborated with John F. Thie on the Touch For Health book, developing a self-help instruction course for lay people in muscle testing and balancing and acupuncture meridian tracing techniques.

1974                      In September, Dr. Frank was the speaker at the National Osteopathic Convention of Japan held in Tokyo and Yamaguchi at that time, Dr. Frank arranged for the translation and publication of the Touch For Health book in Japanese. The book was then used as the textbook for the convention and has been used for other workshop sessions held since then.

1976                      In June, Dr. Frank was awarded a Charter Diplomat in the International College of Applied Kinesiology and they have published several of his research papers.

1978                      Functional Physiology, is able to test and correct most (if not all) of the known body functions. This was proven at Jet Population Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. they found that the medical testing was able to find a 40-60% malfunction on a group scale, and Muscle testing could find a malfunction down to a 3-5% per person. What the medical could not do, was instantly correct the problem and show it with all of their instrumentation.

1978                      With all of this expertise and experience and through the health experiences and challenges of several family members, Functional Physiology was born.  Many, many students came to visit Dr. Victor L. Frank and Dr. C. Harold Havlic clinics to see what they did.  Drs. Roger and Thora Grifka wanted Dr. Victor L. Frank to teach his methods to other chiropractors.  Dr. Victor L. Frank did not know if the work was teachable, learnable or repeatable at this stage but decided that, although he had had no plans to teach, he was compelled to try and see if it could be taught.  It could!  It worked!  This was the start of Total Body Modification.
Dr. Victor L. Frank first seminar series; it was exciting to impart a new way of looking at Health!  It was the beginning of a new phase in chiropractic and health care!

1986                      Dr. Frank was named Chiropractor of the Year by the prestigious Parker Research Foundation. This award was given to him for his research and development of an important contribution to the understanding of functional physiology. He has also received the coveted Humanitarian Award of the Chapel of Four Chaplains.

1982                Dr. Frank is a past member of the Parker Foundation Brown Bagger’s Association for Los Angeles, and belongs to the Parker Grand Tour Organization (G.T.O.). He was a Team Teacher at the Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation Seminars for many years.

1972                An active member of the community, Dr. Frank served as a member of the Board of Directors and as president and treasurer of the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce.  He is also a member of the Century Club of the Verdugo Hills YMCA and the past Legislative Chairman for Senior Citizens of the Los Angeles County Chiropractic Society.  He has been very active in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), where he served on the National AAU Sports Medicine Committee for Karate, as the Southern Pacific Sports Medicine Committee Chairman, and on the Olympic Committee for Karate.
He held 3 different black belts in karate, Leopard School in Los Angeles, and an honorary black belt in the Tiger School of San Francisco. 

1982                He is past president of the Sunland‑Tujunga Rotary Club and is past district committee member for the Youth Exchange with District 526 of Rotary International. 
Dr. Frank is a past press chairman of the CATHY program (Community Assistance to Homeless Youngsters), which was established to find homes for foster children. 

1960                He and his wife, Diane, married since 1960, had 2 children, 2 adopted Children, 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.  They have had 32 foster children as well as hosting several foreign exchange students.  They live in St. George, Utah, and Brugge, Belgium.

1978 – 2009    Dr. Frank taught T.B.M. seminars around the world as well as giving lectures on T.B.M. philosophy to many groups. He also teaches a seminar called the “Art of Chiropractic.” This seminar presents old- time chiropractic adjustments that are not being taught anymore.

2005                Was a Presenter at Karl Parker Seminars for many years.

2006                Dr. Karl Parker had a Tribute to Dr. Victor L. Frank. For Professional Service Award.

2009                Dr. Frank Sold his company Total Body Modification to Kevin Millet with the understanding that the techniques would stay the same. 

2010                February 8       Dr. Victor L. Frank Died Well with the death of Dr. Victor Frank and time, it has changed enough that it is now time to reintroduce the core of Functional Physiology.

Stories about dad

Dad started teaching me energy and adjusting at around 3yrs. old. He would have me walk up and down his back and feel with my feet the high spots then tell me to jump on it with my heals, then it was level again. He would say when I jump put my energy (or now called chi) in my heels and direct it to what I want to do.

Dad had a house call with one of his patients and I got to go with him, it was always a big deal for me to watch dad work. This time dad wanted me to help; you can imagine how excited I was.  He told me to grab her feet and send energy through her and fill her up, so I did and dad said not so fast slow it down now pulse it, as I did so then said, see that black spot now hit it with a laser and burn it up. I did then dad said change the energy to green to heal the burn and sooth it.

Dad never said how to do it just do it! I asked him years later in my forty’s why he only said do and not how, he said we all do it different so the way I do it will not work for you. You have to find your own way to get the job done. Then it is yours to use and change to fit what you need.

How mom used reverse phycology by saying no

The legacy of Dr. Victor L. Frank is the foundation of EQHT and where it all started.