Office Visits

Andrea Hutton – Frank, D.C.
Is the primary doctor in the office. She is an American Chiropractor with 8 years of schooling then has taken many seminars about health care like EQHT, Total Body Modification, sacral Occipital Technique, Graston, and many other techniques. She has developed many techniques for the professional Soccer player’s, Tennis players. With her 19 years of experience, she has treated just about everything, from flus to hip replacement. If she has a complex case she will have Dr. Randall Frank step in to consult with the case.
Speaks: Germany and English.

Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.D., D.M.,
Consulting Only in Germany, I work with my wife to help the patients

Call for Appointments

Office Phone: +49 (017) 43 52 42 73
E-Mail: Dr.Hutton-Frank@nhseminars.com
The office location is still getting remodeled and will open soon.
Bernkastel-Kues, Germany