Healing for Healers

Healing for Healers is a NEW seminar. The focus of this seminar is you, the practitioner, as patient. With the support of colleagues, your health issues will be the focus.  The idea is the communing of healers via treatment to support you in your health issues: different approaches from different therapists to help you.

You will have the opportunity to receive treatment, learn from others, and add to your own skill set.  To further support you, immediate family members are invited to join this seminar. It is time that we take care of our own, our healing community. 

This is the beauty of EQHT – it supports interdisciplinary cooperation. 

We will show you how to put functional physiology to work in a practical atmosphere. This seminar is all about treating you, and how to mix and match multiple disciplines as one treatment. This offers you the opportunity to learn from others and add to your own skill set. 

We will take a brief history and then everyone adds their knowledge, then we see what the body wants to correct the symptoms.


In order to attend this seminar, the practitioner must have attended EQHT’s Basic Seminar.  If it has been a while you should update (or refresh), especially since the Covid Mix vial has necessarily been included.       

Please note, this is a 10-day seminar, and that under normal circumstances most doctors would not attend such a lengthy seminar. However, recent global events created over-work and strain on the healing community, and we want to ensure that our healers receive the support they need to continue to stay healthy, strong and are prepared to manage the demands of the current health issues they encounter.  Plus, the healing and relaxing environment will be worth it! A shorter attendance is worthwhile and should be considered if a full attendance is not an option.