Camille’s EI Story

Camille’s EI Story

On March 20, 2002, while sitting at her desk at work, Camille started to feel a spinning sensation and could not feel anything in her arms, legs, or body.  This lasted 30 seconds.  Paramedics strapped her to a backboard and a neck brace and took her to the emergency room.  There it was determined nothing was wrong and she was sent home.

Two weeks later, she was still dealing with dizziness.  One night it was so bad she was taken to the emergency room.  She was dizzy, nauseated, having hot and cold flashes, and had a horrible headache.  CT scan and blood work were normal.  They sent her on her way and told her to see her doctor.

Her doctor referred her to a neurologist.  She went on to have an MRI, MRA and echocardiogram, all of which were normal.  The doctor told her there was nothing wrong, yet still she had vertigo, nausea, digestive upset and many, many other symptoms.

Over time, it became clear that symptoms were induced by chemical exposure – cleaners, perfumes, exhaust, etc.  She began eating only organic foods as all the additives, pesticides, and other things added to our food were intolerable and would make her sicker. 

Camille cleared all chemicals from her home – shampoos, cleaners, soaps, etc., and changed to all-natural cleaners.  She bought air purifiers and ran them 24 hours a day to help keep her house pure enough to live in.

She learned that what she was experiencing was multi-chemical sensitivity, also known as environmental illness – inability of the body to get rid of toxins causing build-up of such and making it hard to live in today’s society.  Slowly she became more and more isolated as she began to react to more and more things.

At the end of July, Joe and I flew down to Tucson, and I stayed there to help get her back to health. 

By August, we had searched out, found an environmental medicine doctor in Scottsdale, and started going there for treatment.  This proved very difficult.  They started doing allergy testing – days and days of over 100 shots a day, checking for reactions, etc.  The doctor had her start taking detoxifying supplements – adding more each time she saw him and started her on oxygen and IV therapy.  The IVs had potent detoxifying supplements in them and always made her feel awful for a day or two after, as her body would dump toxins. 

Allergy testing showed that she had problems with all the pollens in the Tucson area, and a number of different molds.  She also had problems with a number of foods – and seemed to be developing more all the time.  The doctor had her go on a four-day rotation diet to try to help prevent her from continuing to develop allergies to more foods, and even with that, there were foods she began to become sensitive to. 

They began giving her allergy shots, telling her that within 18 months she “may” be able to deal with some of the things she had developed sensitivities to.  These shots were given every 5 days…requiring a trip from Tucson to Scottsdale for the shots (as she could not find another doctor willing to give the shots in the Tucson area). 

It was 134 miles each way to go to see the doctor – a trip that had to be done every time she saw the doctor, because hotels were deadly to her.  Hotels use a lot of cleaning chemicals, and all our attempts to find a safe place for her to stay in the Phoenix area were futile.  When we did try to stay in hotels, generally, we would need to go through several rooms before we found one that seemed okay – and there was always a risk that somehow it would turn bad.  Once a room that seemed okay, after checking in and then going to the doctor, we returned to discover that the room was across from the guest laundry and someone had just used fabric softener sheets in their dryers, making the air in our room dangerous for Camille, so we had to hunt down another room.  Another time, a room she thought would be okay with her air purifier running had something that got to her during the night.  She awakened me at 3:00 in the morning feeling like she was dying she was in so much pain.  That night we wandered the halls of the hotel for 45 minutes looking for a “safe” room for her. 

Our last attempt to stay at a hotel, the room seemed to be okay.  We moved all our stuff into it, and then turned on the air conditioning.  Immediately it started to cause her problems.  Trying to get through the end of her allergy testing, we tried to stay in the room without air conditioning (Phoenix in mid-September is not very livable without air conditioning).  After a couple of nights of trying different things like fans and a portable air conditioner, we decided we could not continue on that way anymore.  We signed out and never stayed in another hotel.  From then on, we always drove nearly 300 miles a day to see the doctor.

Due to all of her reactions and how debilitated she was Camille took medical leave from work from the middle of August until about the end of October.  By November 1, Camille was trying to return to work.  She had a separate trailer they had put her in, a place easier for her to deal with, but co-workers with perfumes and their other scents sometimes caused problems.  If someone sprayed any kind of cleaner anywhere in the building while she was there, she would immediately begin to get dizziness and start in with reactions to it, having to go home.  She had to leave work early due to reactions to the environment there at least once or twice a week through the first part of November.

Meanwhile, at the first of November Joe and I traded places.  It was beginning to look like we were going to either have to have Camille move back to Salt Lake or Joe and I were going to have to move to Tucson to take care of her.  However, shortly after I arrived home the table began to turn.

The week before I left Tucson, I had looked at a list of environmental doctors listed in Arizona.  On the list was a Dr. Doris Rapp, who had her website (http://www.drrapp.com ) listed as well.  I had gone to her website and read a very interesting testimonial in her biography (about Dr. Rapp link at the site) about TBM (total body modification) and how it had done remarkable things for her patients and caused her to give up her practice and learn the techniques herself.  The referral number she listed at her website was right here in the Salt Lake Valley.  When I returned home, I called that number.  The day I called that number my entire belief system and world began to spin in a totally different direction.

From the referral center, I received the name and phone number of a Dr. Randall Frank, the son of the originator of the TBM program (Dr. Victor Frank).  I called Dr. Frank, and he answered his own phone (major surprise to me) and he proceeded to talk with me for over two and a half hours.  Dr. Randall Frank has learned all of the techniques his father uses, and has made some short cuts, which he calls Natural Healing.

My original plan was to see if we could get things set up to have Camille seen by him while she was here over Christmas, but before the conversation was finished we were trying to work out things to have her come home for Thanksgiving and see him while she was here.

The man made some unbelievable promises.  He told me that her problem could be fixed, and that she did not need to be on all those supplements.  He told me she could be fixed so that her body could deal with the chemical exposures and not have to live her life secluded anymore.  He told me that her body could be fixed to deal with all the things she had developed allergies to.  He gave me no promises of how quickly she would respond to his techniques, but told me that he had had no failures.  As long as the patient does what he requests of them, he works with them until they are returned to health.

During that conversation, he talked about water.  He wanted to make sure that Camille was drinking a lot of water so that when he did the NHS on her.  Camille’s body could deal with the changes that would occur.  He was very adamant about how much water she should drink – starting immediately.  He said she should drink a quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight, plus two extra quarts (when healthy just one extra)(a person weighing 100 pounds would drink 3 quarts when healthy, 4 quarts when sick, and at 101 pounds you would round up to drinking 4 quarts when healthy and 5 when sick).

I called and told Camille to do that, no matter how often she needed to use the restroom, the water was mandatory.  She followed the directions.  She also was quite skeptical about this doing anything for her.  She had the attitude when she came up here that she would appease her mother, and then go back to what she had been doing before, as at least that was keeping her functional most of the time.  On the way up here (a 13-hour drive), she made at least 14 “pit stops” but she did continue to drink the water he had demanded.

When they arrived in Utah Valley the inversion and smog was so bad she had to put her mask on and was still having a lot of difficulty.  She was almost ready to turn around right then and go back to Tucson.  She kept her mask on until after she got set up in the house with her air purifier going. 

The following morning she called me and told me she was having difficulty with reactions to the inversion and exhaust while on her way to meet the doctor.  I told her to let me know if she found she could not drive and we would go pick her up and take her.  She could not stay at our house because we had had a flood, which had caused some damage to the house while Joe and I were trading places at 1 November, making it unsafe for her to stay there in her condition. 

Once she met the doctor, he did some odd-looking things, which I now know are TBM procedures referred to as Learning and BOS (Body Optimization System), where he reset her biological computer and prepared it to learn what it needed to heal itself, and fixed her for Salt Lake air, smoke, and exhaust.  Though she had a problem with Tucson water (even filtered), she did not have a problem with Salt Lake water.

After fixing her for the exhaust and smoke, he took her outside and had her sit in his car – which was filled with smoke as he smokes a pipe.  Prior to meeting Dr. Frank, had she been in there for two minutes she would have been unconscious, but this time she sat there for 20 minutes without having any kind of reaction.  We then stood outside in the inversion, beside the street with cars driving up and down for another 40 minutes.  She had no problems with any kind of reactions.

After running the Learning and BOS on the body, 24 hours later Module 1 of the TBM is run.  This module checks the body systems, verifies that everything is communicating properly and all systems are functioning properly.  I picked Camille up to take her to the office that morning.  On the way there, a bus was in front of us at a stop light.  Camille was very upset that I was too close to the bus.  I asked if she was having a reaction.  She said, “No, but I will.”  She never did.

Once we arrived at Dr. Frank’s office, he checked and made sure all was running right (ran TBM Module 1), then he handed Camille four wooden boxes, each containing 150 vials, had her hold them up to her chest while he desensitized her to all.  Each of the vials had a unique energy signature for a common allergen.  After just a matter of seconds, he told us that she no longer had a problem with allergies. 

It was hard to fathom that in a matter of seconds Camille was cured of all her allergies and sensitivities.  We left his office and went to visit her grandma and grandpa.  They had some orange juice in their fridge – something that only a week before Camille had had a reaction to which had caused her to be carried out of work to her car and driven home because she was in such severe shape just 20 minutes after drinking some.  She was very hesitant to try drinking the orange juice, and just took a very small swallow.  Half an hour later, she announced she was ready to go to Tony Roma’s for dinner.  At dinner she enjoyed anything and everything she wanted, including many of the foods she had developed allergies to.  Her only problem was that she bloated herself (and did the same thing the next day too).

Since that time, Camille has done fantastic.  The only remnants she had of the EI was, when she returned to Tucson, she tested herself for the tap water, and still could not handle it and, after a week back at work she started to have a reaction while working in the building that she had originally collapsed in.  She called Dr. Frank and he had her do a couple of small maneuvers over the phone, which stopped her reaction in the building.  He then had her scoop some of the air into a bottle and seal it until she came up here for Christmas.  She did not go back in that building until after she saw him again.  When she came up for Christmas, she brought a bottle of the Tucson water and the bottle with air from the building where she had her reaction.  Interestingly, when he went to fix her for those, her body had already fixed itself.  Her body had learned to deal with both on its own over the course of the month. 

Over the past few months, I have learned a lot about TBM and how it works.  I have reevaluated my view of medicine and how the body works.  The problem I see with our medical community is they are always searching for ways to take control of the body away from the body.  We do not know enough about our bodies to do that.  The naturopathic physician’s goal is to remove blockages from the body’s communication network and give it the ability to heal itself.  The body is an amazing piece of work, and it knows what to do to heal itself, and just needs to be given a chance to do it.

The last couple of months I have gone to some free seminars that one of the doctors in the TBM network does at his office to learn more about their techniques and how they perform their miracles.  I’ve watched a young lady with achalasia, and a totally dead lower esophageal sphincter, who was told by the medical community that it would never work again and gave her no hope for living a normal life have the sphincter regenerated to the point where now she is able to eat normal food (when I first came home in November she was able to barely drink a quart of water a day and that was ALL she could get down).  I’ve also heard many unbelievable true stories of recovery where the medical community has said there was no hope – one was gentleman with Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam who had spent 30 years in pain and disease, with scleroderma and diabetes, who first saw Dr. Millet (his website is at http://www.totalwellnessonline.com ) last summer.  His first visit with Dr. Millet was a man in a wheelchair, whose skin was so thick and hard that Dr. Millet could not even feel his spine.  At this point in time, there is no sign of the scleroderma (which according to MDs is invariably fatal and incurable) and his insulin use has been decreased by 75% (the only diabetic patient that Dr. Millet has had who has not been completely off insulin within 6 months).

My purpose for writing this note it to let you all know that yes, there is hope for the chemically injured, and there is a chance for full recovery.  It may not be as quickly as Camille’s was, but I know these people have the answers – if they do not they will research it until they get them. 

I have had people talk about the water issue, with reasons why they cannot drink the amount of water these doctors request, citing numerous issues regarding it, but the fact of the matter is 70% of your body is composed of water.  And your body’s “sewage system” runs purely on water and muscle movement (lymphatic system).  If you do not move and you do not drink water, that system is lacking.  When you do not drink enough water, the first place that has water taken from it is the lymphatic system.  Some people may have a problem with water metabolism not working properly – which is something that is fixed with the TBM Module 1 (I know that myself my water metabolism, and my sugar metabolism were not working right when I first saw Dr. Millet, and those have been reset on me and are working properly now).

Some people may have issues with dumping toxins too quickly and having difficulty because of that.  With the work these doctors do, they have developed a vial that works with the body in making it dump the toxins more slowly, allowing the body to handle it more easily, but again, water is a very big issue, you must drink your water for the system to work.

My reason for posting this note is to try to make people aware that there is hope out there.  Regardless of what got you where you are today, be it chemical exposure, heavy metals, lack of enzymes for processing certain toxins, there is hope for return to health.  The body is an amazing thing and is by far the most complex and comprehensive chemical lab in the world and it is capable of healing itself. 

There is a worldwide network of doctors practicing the EQHT (Natural Healing techniques).  You will find a referral list at Referral List – Evolutionary Quantum Healing Techniques (eqht.net)

I have nothing to gain by passing this information on, except the hope that by doing so somehow, I have been able to touch another and given them a chance to live the life they should be able to.  I have seen how the chemically injured live and nothing hurts me more than watching what my daughter went through last year.  Nobody deserves to live like that.

I apologize for how long my post has been, but I have been chastised and removed from communities before for not giving enough details and accused of harvesting and I wanted to make sure people knew the whole story up front, so people do not misinterpret my actions.  Hopefully I have learned enough about EQHT and ESM since my first posting in January that I have been able to explain it a little more thoroughly than I did back then.  For those of you who are familiar with the NAET, I believe that the Natural Healing, and ESM techniques are a few steps beyond that, and therefore tend to be quicker at getting results.

If anyone has any questions about anything I have said here, please do not hesitate to contact me at JsKat@attbi.com.


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