Emotional Seminar

In this Seminar we will endeavor to deal with the physical response to an emotional stimuli.  At the present time we are aware of five (5) types of emotion that can have a physical reaction resulting in symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, nervousness, sneezing, hives, rashes, and other symptoms which can progress into serious illnesses.  However, we have discovered that by using touch pressure points, we can bring a negative emotion to the forefront of our consciousness and then deal with it in a positive manner thereby eliminating the negative symptom response.

In present day society, the pace of life has allowed us to become embroiled in emotional traumas.  As we go through life, we experience the ups and downs of daily living but when these experiences take on a negative note, we can react with a physical malfunctioned response and it is these negative responses we will be dealing with.  Because the reaction of the mind is to treat these as a re-occurring automatic response. Through constant bombardment by the negative emotions, the physical body may go into a reactive illness.  Therefore, we don’t always have what we think we have.  The physical symptoms are only the result.  What we really have is misdirected emotional negativity.

For instance, a typical emotional response we see, is when a person has to deal with another person and they break out in hives just by being around and dealing with that person.  The hives are not the problem.  They are just the physical response to the negative emotional stimulant of the other party.  So we have come to the conclusion that symptoms are only symptoms and may be totally unrelated to the problem at hand.  Therefore, you don’t always have what you think you have.

Emotional Techniques