How Did Functional Physiology Originate?

Functional Physiology evolved from the minds and insights of the late Dr. Victor L. Frank and Dr. C. Harold Havlic.  Dr. Victor L. Frank learned true chiropractic from the old masters such as:  Dr. George Metzinger, father of Diversified; Dr. Al Wernsing, a practitioner of HIO and founder of the NUCCA philosophy; and many of the other experts and pioneers of chiropractic including Barney Miner, Lou Smithson, Dr. Roosevelt, Carl Nixon, Sr., and many others.  Dr. Havlic lived in the home of and studied with Dr. Hauser, of Janse, Hauser and Wells, authors of the original adjusting text used in chiropractic colleges.

Dr. Victor L. Frank was a diplomat and charter member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and was one of ICAK’s original workshop leaders.  While he was grateful for the efforts and advancements made in the chiropractic world by Dr. George Goodheart and all the other diplomats in Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Victor L. Frank became frustrated and impatient with the commitment needed in the everyday practice of Applied Kinesiology. He found it difficult, tiring and tedious work.

About that time Dr. Robert Riddler, a chiropractor and diplomat in both Radiology and Applied Kinesiology, began to explore the body’s healing potential beyond what AK had already successfully demonstrated.  In his own research, he had found ways of accessing the healing potential of the body.  He found ways of accessing the body’s bio-computer through the use of body touch points discovered in AK, as well as in trigger point therapy and acupuncture.

Dr. Riddler simplified and expanded the concepts of AK using the above-noted points and began to share this information with colleagues.  He began teaching his work in California and Canada and inspired Dr. Victor L. Frank and Dr. Havlic.

These two innovative chiropractors, Dr. Victor L. Frank and Dr. Havlic, found that they truly believed that for every disease, there is a cure within nature.  They decided that they wanted to develop and perfect a method of natural care that was repeatable and teachable to everyone.  They wanted to do by intent what chiropractic has always done by accident.  They also wanted to prove that the living body functions differently than the cadaver body.  They started a new philosophy called “Functional Physiology.”

In 1969, Dr. Victor L. Frank joined the Thie Chiropractic Office in Pasadena, California. During his four years there, he collaborated with John F. Thie on the Touch for Health book, developing a self-help instruction course for lay people in muscle testing and balancing and acupuncture meridian tracing techniques.

In September 1974, Dr. Victor L. Frank was the speaker at the National Osteopathic Convention of Japan held in Tokyo and Yamaguchi at that time, Dr. Victor L. Frank arranged for the translation and publication of the Touch for Health book in Japanese. The book was then used as the textbook for the convention and has been used for other workshop sessions held since then.

With all this expertise and experience and through the health experiences and challenges of several family members, Functional Physiology was born.  Many, many students came to visit Dr. Victor L. Frank and Dr. C. Harold Havlic clinics to see what they did.  Drs. Roger and Thora Grifka wanted Dr. Victor L. Frank to teach his methods to other chiropractors.  Dr. Victor L. Frank did not know if the work was teachable, learnable or repeatable at this stage but decided that, although he had had no plans to teach, he was compelled to try and see if it could be taught.  It could!  It worked!  This was the start of Total Body Modification.

1978, Dr. Victor L. Frank’s first seminar series; it was exciting to impart a new way of looking at HEALTH!  It was the beginning of a new phase in chiropractic and health care!

Needless to say, the work progressed.  Dr. Victor L. Frank listened to the many, many sources voicing new conditions and new ideas.  As the years progressed, some points were added, while others were deleted from the basic work only to be added again later.

Functional Physiology (Total Body Modification)

 Functional Physiology is an adjunct to all existing (remembered and forgotten) chiropractic philosophies used for the restoration and maintenance of the optimum health of our patients.

 Functional Physiology began as a chiropractic technique but has expanded to include other health care professionals.  The Functional Physiology is that we are dedicated to the patient, not a profession.  If a health care practitioner is treating patients, the patients deserve the best care and knowledge available.  The patients need Functional Physiology.

When chiropractic was founded, it was based on the philosophy of health care through the treatment of the energy of the spine and nerves.  Today’s insurance companies and political health organizations would rather relegate chiropractic to necks and backs and only through injury.  It is up to all of us to educate the public to the true meaning of chiropractic and to the freedom we should all have to choose the health care we want.  In the early days of chiropractic, the old-time chiropractors were not restricted or confused by scientific proof of what they were able to do.  The old masters of the chiropractic profession found a problem and corrected it, thereby building the reputation of chiropractic as a health care system more effective than drugs and surgery.  Their main philosophy was:


 Functional Physiology Foundation has taken that original philosophy and explored the possibilities of self-regeneration inherent in the human body.  We have found that if the right thing is done to the right body at the right time in the right way, miracles happen!  We have taken the techniques of the old chiropractic masters and combined them with modern technology.  We can now duplicate the corrections and the restoration to health that the old masters were able to achieve, but we can do them by intent and on a repeatable basis.

Functional Physiology is able to test and correct most (if not all) of the known body functions. This was proven in 1978 at Jet Population Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. they found that the medical testing was able to find a 40-60% malfunction on a group scale, and Muscle testing could find a malfunction down to a 3-5% and what the medical could not do, was instantly correct the problem and show it with all of their instrumentation.

Dr. Victor Frank would not teach any technique that did not go through 500 case without failing.  If a technique did not work the way he thought then it was not taught or if the technique was taught and started to not work the way he thought then it was yanked until he found out what it really did, then he would add it back in.   

Dr. Victor Frank would take a technique and test it if it worked, he would leave it alone and give credit to the creator of the technique. If the technique did not pass the test and it was something, he was looking for then he would modify it so that it did pass.  One problem is that Dr. Victor Frank never wrote down where he got the techniques so as time went on, he forgot and no one wrote it down.  I challenge any technique to stand up to this kind of testing. Over the years, most of the techniques have been used over a million times without 1 failure.

The human body is an integrated unit, and it does not always fit the logic that we have been taught in school.  Therefore, we have had to expand our thinking to accept the clinical responses that we achieve using Functional Physiology Foundation.  We find that body functions, which we were taught, were separate activities, in actuality, interact and communicate with each other in a myriad of complex pathways.

Through the efforts and teaching of many of our health innovators, and through trial and error, we have been able to put together teachable, learnable and repeatable technical procedure to correct, what we term, imbalances of functional physiology. 

We use a simple indicator neuromuscular reflex muscle test and test points located throughout the body to determine the positive or negative function of that body.  It has been taught for the last few decades that all of the body functions are controlled by the biological computer within the body.   Functional Physiology Foundation has found that by using the test points and an indicator muscle, we can test the various computer programs within the system.  Then, using energetic and soft tissue corrections, we can re-align the function of specific computer programs, thereby restoring function and communication with the body.

D. D. Palmer said, “Too much or too little energy is pathology.”  He was right.  If the body programs run too fast or too slow, pathology can develop.   Functional Physiology Foundation can normalize that flow of energy by balancing the body’s computer programs.

We are beginning to amass hard-copy data to validate our theories.  It is a slow process, because double-blind studies cannot be done on living, breathing bodies.  The validation of Functional Physiology Foundation is in the clinical results.  The results that we have attained have given us the impetus, the confidence and the desire to find out more about how this body really works now!

Get Your Logical Mind Out of The Way and Let Innate Guide You!


The body will handle problems as well as it can.  If it needs help, it says so with a symptom.  This symptom may be totally unrelated to the problem the body is working with.  For instance, knee pain is directly related to the gall bladder.

Dr. Will Harper’s Law

What Is Functional Physiology Foundation?

 Functional Physiology is a technique that eliminates roadblocks so the body can heal itself.   Functional Physiology Foundation focuses on functional physiology rather than cadaver physiology.   Functional Physiology will show you how the body works together as a unit not as individual muscles, organs and glands.  By using simple body points and an intact muscle, Functional Physiology Foundation focuses on communication and cooperation between the various functions of health.

The Functional Physiology practitioner is able to correct most of the known body functions.  The human body is an integrated unit.  We find that body functions, which we were taught were separate activities, in actuality, interact and communicate with each other in a myriad of complex pathways.   Functional Physiology Foundation has put together teachable, learnable and repeatable technical procedures to correct, what we term, imbalances of functional physiology.  Body functions are controlled by each individual’s biological computer.  By using a simple indicator muscle test and test points, we can determine faulty computer programs which are creating health problems.  Then, using energetic and soft tissue corrections, we can re-align the function of specific computer programs, thereby restoring function and communication within the body.

When the Right Thing Is Done To the Right Body at the Right Time – Miracles Happen

How Does  Functional Physiology Foundation Work?

 Functional Physiology uses the neuromuscular reflex test and body access points to tap into the body’s bi-computer and read functional programs.  We recognize that certain conditions produce predictable subluxation patterns in the spine.  Corrections are usually made by means of respiratory spinal treatments of these patters, or by soft tissue or joint manipulation.   Functional Physiology may sometimes look like magic to the uninformed because

However, even though it appears so incredible, it is eminently teachable and learnable.  The procedures are repeatable from practitioner to practitioner and can correct imbalanced physiology from pre-natal life to just before death.

 Functional Physiology Foundation Treats The Cause, Not The Symptom.

 Functional Physiology Foundation will complement and shortcut what you are already doing, or it can stand-alone.   Functional Physiology Foundation will improve your patient results and speed of treatment.  Naturally, this will give you more time for more patients.  We encourage you to learn as many techniques as possible.  Your patients deserve as much as you can learn.  You never know when just one part of any seminar is going to come to the rescue of your patients.  Knowledge is wealth!  You and your patients deserve the best!

Why Is Functional Physiology So Important?

We are continuously faced with ever-increasing health challenges resulting from the dangerous pollution of our environment.  If we cannot change our environment, we must learn to live within it by eliminating the effects on our health.   Functional physiology foundation, with your help, can do this.

Is Functional Physiology Foundation A Technique That People Will Pay For.

In the current insurance climate, either you have to learn to play the insurance game to be paid, or you have to learn to give valuable service that people will be willing pay cash for.  With Functional Physiology Foundation, you are giving valuable service that people will be willing to pay cash for. 

Functional Physiology  Can Help Speed Up Your Practice.

Treatments become brief and specific.  We teach you not to “over-treat.”  The body heals at its own rate.  Over-treating interferes with the process

You Can Start Using  Functional Physiology Foundation Immediately.

During the seminar, we work to help you incorporate Functional Physiology Foundation into your particular field.  Begin with one or two specific techniques that apply to many of your patients.  Do these on everyone until they become second nature and then take on another procedure.

Who Can Take  Functional Physiology Foundation?

 Functional Physiology Foundation was designed for chiropractors.  However, we welcome licensed health care professionals from all fields.  Many Functional Physiology Foundation practitioners, in the U.S. and around the world are M.D.s, dentists, psychologists, naturopaths, nurse-practitioners, acupuncturists, veterinarians, polarity therapists and energy workers.  A few corrections were originally designed as ONLY chiropractic manipulations.  In these cases, we have found alternative corrections for non-chiropractors.

We Do Not Teach Non-Chiropractors, Manipulation!

We Show All Non-Chiropractors Alternate Ways To Balance The Body!

Dr. Victor L. Frank’s Philosophy

Anything Can Cure Anything – 

Get Your Logical Mind Out Of The Way And Listen

You Don’t Always Have What You’ve Got – Let Innate Guide Your Hands.

What man can conceive; he can achieve –

If you haven’t tried, don’t say you can’t.

Innate will only give you that which you can handle at the time

Or have within your reach to learn.

Never throw any knowledge away.  You never know when you may need it.

If it isn’t fun, don’t do it.

When the right thing is done to the right body at the right time – Miracles happen.

Rules We Live By

Love through service.

Be still and know.

Is anyone happier because we have lived?

P.T.C. = Present-Time Consciousness (When you are with the patient, be with the patient, mentally as well as physically.)

If you keep doing what you have always done, then you will keep getting what you have always gotten! Make changes!!

General Notes

These notes are generalizations and may be overridden by specific instructions for some of the situations described in this book.

Functional Physiology Foundation

 Normalizes function

By reducing it in hyper-function and increasing it in hypofunction.  Laboratory tests require 40 % loss of function for a positive result.   Functional Physiology Foundation tests are positive with 3-5 % loss of function.

The symptom may bring the patient into the office, but it may not have anything to do with the problem that needs to be treated.

If the patient is in the office, the patient has dehydration and a sugar problem.  Do the basics FIRST –dehydration, sugar, body points.

Category IV

Is the last adjustment at each and every visit.

Unless specific test instructions are given, it is implied that any intact muscle may be used for the test procedure.  Unless otherwise stated, the test is performed by touching, contacting or joining the test points and testing any intact muscle.

When testing muscles

Feel for the “lock” of the muscle.  Testing is not a contest of strength and is usable even with a feeble patient or child.  DO NOT OVERPOWER!  When a strong intact muscle cannot be found for one reason or another, use a surrogate.  Surrogate touches the patient and the surrogate is tested.  When using the surrogate, any problems of the surrogate are automatically bypassed.  A “shuddering” muscle test may be the result of dehydration.

Where the text says touch, the doctor or patient must touch and hold the point during testing.  Single points do not have to be held during correction.  Where the test says contact, the point or points are contacted either by the doctor, patient and/or surrogate and held during the test and correction.  Where the test says connect, both points are held for testing and correction.

Sibling Rivalry

Is a dysfunctional relationship that can exist between an organ and its parts and/or parts of systems?

Paired body points

usually mean that there are five possibilities for test and correction of those points, such as left, right, left + right, right + left and both.  The terms “left + right” and “right + left” refer to the sequence of making contact with the points for both testing and correction.  “Left + right” is not the same of “right + left,” which are different from “both.”

If you are dealing with body FUNCTION, adjust on three phases of respiration.

In general, other than on the three-phase respiratory adjustment, adjust into WEAKNESS.

Adjustments with the REFLEX GUN are done by using the double-headed tip with a bilateral transverse process contact in an anterior superior direction relative to that particular vertebra, adjusting on the three phases of respiration.

Correction regime

Should run three to four visits on a basic approach to a patient’s problems.  Then start to look for other more exotic solutions.  Keep in mind that the patient may need some nutritional supplements.  Supplements must be checked to see if they are needed and that they are not harmful.  Many are time limited.  Calcium:  10-90 days.  Minerals:  12-18 months.  Multivitamins:  9-12 months.